Patented Design
versatile Design.
  • The Rock Bar is the versatile weighted case for adding extra weight to tripods, light stands, boom arms, and other equipment. The slim profile design is secure and stable.
  • Weighs 7 pounds when fully loaded. The weight is adjustable and removable.
  • Attaches securily with wrap-around straps.

Key Design Features
  • The Rock Bar is a specially designed nylon EVA case with removable weights of seven pounds total. Weight amount is adjustable.
  • Slim profile design enables case to be attached to multiple locations on tripods, light stands, and boom arms for added weight stabilization.
  • When securely strapped on, the Rock Bar will not sway in windy conditions or if tripod or light stand is bumped.
  • Patented contoured cap and body design. Approximate size in inches: 12.5L x 2.5W x 2.75D.
  • Two strong, wrap-around and removable attachment straps.
  • EVA foam shell is safer to use and helps dampen vibrations.
Stable Design.
  • The Rock Bar is stable. When cinched down with the wrap-around straps, the Rock Bar will not move or sway and cause movement or vibration problems like many hanging weight bags can.
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Ideal for studio, wedding, street, and other photo shoot setups.